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This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen This was a funny, compelling and one-of-a-kind read that I've reread for so many times that I've almost memorized their dialogues. This book is literally sweet to the core.

Dexter was such a strong character with high-hopes of getting Remy (even when she's a stark opposite of Dexter). He was totally funny and a likable guy. Did I mention that he's in a band?

Remy, having a rockstar for a dad who wrote her a song (which is so cool!), lives in a life watching her mother get remarried for the fourth -- fifth, if you count her dad -- time. She thinks she knows everything about love, how she's supposed to maneuver her heart through it without getting it broken, and how to build up walls so high no one can ever reach them to climb all the way up. It's so amazing to see her slowly coming out of her shell and enjoy a stress free life with Dexter.

She did, by the way, finally understand what those love songs are for.