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The Truth about Forever - Sarah Dessen The first time I picked up this book, I did not have a clue -- not even a petty bit of a nut-brown idea -- who Sarah Dessen was. Let alone what impact has she made to make me love YA Novels more and more.

This is a book wherein the characters display a diverse sense of responsibility, choices and personalities. Throughout the story, I came down to a point of getting frustrated with Macy. She's one of those broken heroines with a fucked up life and she must continue living it with the burdens of the pain from her past up her sleeves. Thus, the only way to hide the hurt is to pretend to be strong like an armored wallnut and be a closed-book to everyone around her, being oblivious that they do care for her.

Then out came Wes. "The delinquent welder with a tattoo." That's what Jason Talbolt have to say. And I couldn't agree more. Well, except for the fact that he's a hot delinquent welder with a tattoo who obviously has the bad boy charm and good looks that could send panties flying out of nowhere. And I have to admit, my first impression of this guy was nowhere near to who he really is as he unravels himself in the story.

You know the drill with these YA stuff. They met in a rather awkward stances, had a bit of misunderstanding, gradually attains some sense of attraction to each other, then hooked up, then got into a some sort of a mixed-up mess, have a small fight, then they meet somewhere romantic and dreamy, and then they kiss-and-make-up.


Even when The Truth About Forever somewhat portrays that role, the book itself adheres with Sarah Dessen's charming writing skills. And I'm definitely impressed.