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Society Girls: A Novel - Sarah Mason I always know that when I don't like a book, a lot of things shift around in my head, creating some irrational and sudden decisions about other things at random rather than focusing on the book at my hands. And that's exactly what happened to me. It just. . . it didn't occur to me no matter how hard I try to will myself. It just didn't happen. I always feel bad about it.


In all honesty, when I shut down a book when I'm still on the first thirty pages, it feels like I let the whole world down. It's sad but when the moment I try to force it, the words stumble and everything looks blurry and obscured.


But if I am to say an honest opinion about Society Girls, I did not enjoy it. I did not hate it but I did not enjoy it as much either. Confidentially, this isn't my type of genre. Okay, I'm being totally bias and this whole review just doesn't make sense but I'm going to point out what I feel.

There were some parts in which I did crack a smile or sneak out a small giggle here and there but most of it were just plain words, mixed together until it came down to a point when it got all jumbled together and the whole deal was just nonsensical. And it took so long before the plot actually happened. Where's the fun in that?


I'm not going to judge the author based on the first few pages I had only read so I'm not going to sink the boat any further. I'm sure that this would appeal to readers who take a lot of interest with chick-lit genres (and add in a huge chunk of mystery dibs). A book isn't always for everyone. Half of the people don't always get along with it all the time.