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Sisters in Sanity - Gayle Forman WARNING: This book generally contains and depicts scenes which tug heartstrings and well your eyes so much that it typically itches and you just can't stop staring at the ceiling, contemplating about the memorable characters that have to say goodbye upon ending the book, the massive emotions that sail along the plot lines, and the incredible journey you have shared with your bed whilst reading the whole thing.

I am truthfully suffering from a bruised forehead (It's getting awfully yellow now) as a result from reading whilst lying on my bed with the book propped up on my hands above my head. And since the copy I got was a hardcover edition, the moment my hands slipped the book, it landed straight on my face. Unfortunately, I had to go to school explaining to people why I had a strange birthmark on my head that happened overnight.

Oh the joys of having hardcovers.

My Rating: 4.5

“Cinders, I would've thought you of all people would know better. There are no wicked stepmothers and there are no fairy godmothers, and there are no Prince Charmings. There in no preordained destiny. You get to decide that. You decide your destiny. - V”

Sisters in Sanity was one of those books that rarely gets touched in my bookshelf. I bought this way back in 2012 because the cover hit me (now, literally) and so it ended up with the cobwebs in the darkest corners of my room because there were just too many books on my pile that I had to read. Then there came a time when I had a free time and there was a total blackout in my neighborhood for the whole afternoon and my Kindle's battery was somewhere nearing the dangerous edge of 14% and so I decided to check on my left-out section. And here it was.

So basically, Brit is a bad-ass character with headfirst confidence and brave disposition and it's too hard not to love her even from the beginning. The first few paragraphs on the first chapter really caught me and I can't fight myself to stop reading.


She is in a band (plus points since I'm obsessed with books centered or run around in music areas) and plays a guitar (even more points). Her life is a total downhill since her mother left after being diagnosed as schizo, saying monsters were chasing her around and so she fled far away. Then Brit's father remarried which only makes Brit's distaste for her family widen more. Which then leads to Brit ending up in Red Rock, a place that turned out to be real hellhole for troubled kids. From there she meets a certain group of people she trusts and forms a bond and eventually into a formation of a sisterhood.

It's amazing to feel how exactly fearless she is as she ventures out to find a right and prove to everyone that she belongs -- not just herself as a being but her dignity as well. The characters in the book are true to life. They are not always strong and at times when I read some pints when they'd break down and feel like there's no hope at all, that's when I realized that that is what being cogent is about.

"That's all we can do, Brit. Take steps. Take enough of them and suddenly, you're somewhere.”

The character I liked the most other than Brit was V. She is always the one who gives and shares strength to everyone as soon as everything came stumbling back down again. She is a genuine character and I acknowledge her for it.


Sisters in Sanity shows a great deal of dwindling emotions. And an inspiring on at that.