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The Prince: A Selection Novella

The Prince - Kiera Cass I expected a lot more on this novella, what with Maxon's past and all. But I guess I have to get over the aversion of expecting a lot --like a lot lot -- from books with pretty covers.

Anyway, The Prince is probably an excellent read for people who made The Selection a part of their lives. For me however, albeit the fact that it wasn't what I had in mind, was somewhat in the middle of "Ohmigod, yes I do love it!" and "Not really. I prefer to stare at my cat's poop than read the whole damn thing" (Seriously speaking though, there are only a couple of pages)

Other than that, I gave this a 4/5 because I understand Maxon now. No matter how hackneyed the whole 'I'm-attracted-to-America-even-from-the-first-day-we-met' thing.